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New Semester resolutions for college students

The year 2020 has not been easy on any of us. No matter how hard we tried to control our lives, something kept happening one after another, which made it tough for students. Why students? Because they are the ones who spend thousands of pounds on their education, and still had to compromise the most when it came to their semester this year. Many students who didn’t understand anything being taught online, had to get professional help to write my assignment, only so they could score more and still pass with good grades.

It was not an easy year, and while all the resolutions we made eventually mocked us later on, some of us worked hard to still make the most out of this pandemic. While living in a lookdown, many students learned new skills which they never got the time to do before. Not just that, but many found part-time jobs which they could do sitting at home. With the boom and rise of E-Commerce industry in these trying times, many unemployed people and students found it easy to find new jobs that made them push their boundaries and explore new options. That willingness to learn was the only thing which made this lockdown bearable for many students.

As this year comes to an end, things haven't changed one bit, and that is what is scary. But rather than drowning all hope, let's hope for the best and set new resolutions for this New Year's hoping that it will be the sunshine we all wanted after this storm.

How to make New Semester’s Resolutions for Students:

Focus on building new skills:

One best thing about New Year is that it brings us hope for change. While a lot of things aren’t in our control, what is in our control is ourselves. Rather than wasting all this time you have on your hands, you should work on skill-building. Take online classes but do not just limit your learning till there. Search what skills students should possess and then see what the things you have are and what you lack. When you start to learn something which will help polish your old skills and will develop new skills, you will find it easier to get a job once things go back to normal.

Work on yourself more and more:

This pandemic has had its pros and cons. While it is deadly, it has confined most of us at homes which have been useful for all those students who rarely spent time with their family. Use this time in 2021, to focus on yourself and to prioritise yourself. There are a lot of things which you can do. If you do not like your hair, cut it and dye it, get a new look. If you want to feel fit again, start working out. Follow a proper skincare routine and do what you think you need to do to chill. Rather than slouching on the couch watching television all day, work on yourself and your skills so you can head onto the New Year, feeling confident and refreshed.

Spend more time sleeping:

Sleep deprivation is the biggest issue many students face when they go to college or university. They cannot catch up on their sleep as the massive pile of work on their tables doesn't let them go to bed early. This New semster, make a promise to yourself to sleep early. You can do this by waking up early and getting things done during the day, or you can choose to stop using all sorts of devices after dinner, such as a mobile phone or TV. After you have your dinner, you can continue working and then go to bed around 10 or 11. The earlier you sleep, the better you will feel waking up early. Once you get proper sleep of 8 hours, you will feel fresh and energised.

Plan out your future the right way:

Take this time to reflect upon your plans for the future. Many students are wandering, trying to get from one place to another without having a proper plan. Take your time to think about what you want and then start making a plan as to how you will conquer and achieve it all. When you dwell on it, the more ideas you will get and the more prepared you will be. When you know what your plan needs to be for the future you will be more motivated to work hard and that way you will always give everything your all.

Meditate and prioritise your mental wellness:

Mental illness needs to become a priority after the year 2020. This year has been stressful for all of us, and in the long run, it has affected us all. Especially students since they are at the beginning of their career. They lost sight of their future, and uncertainty rose, which made them nervous and scared. It has been one year, and things haven't gotten better, and we have all learnt to live with it. It is not acceptable to sideline your mental health which is why you must give yourself time. Meditate and straighten out the things that bother you. You cannot only sweep something under the rug and then forget about it. Acknowledge the little things that are bothering you, and that will calm your mind.

Final Thoughts:

New Year brings all of us hope. It makes us think about all the possibilities that are around us and pushes us to consider for the better. The more we think and explore new opportunities, the better we feel and can work. This year has been stressful, and we see no end to this pandemic. The misery it has caused is unmatched, so all we can do right now is pray for a better 2021. Use this time to your advantage, as to make this into an opportunity for yourself.

Author Bio:

Jenna Burton has been working as a professional mathematics assignment writer for the past few years as she loves to help students who want their work professionally written. She is smart and quick and never fails to miss a deadline. When she isn't occupied working, you will find him working on DIY projects.