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SpinLaunch completes first prototype flight using kinematic firing system


SpinLaunch, a startup working on kinetic space launch systems Successfully flew the first prototype. It's a milestone for a 7-year-old company while it is undergoing full system testing. The idea behind the system is pretty wild. Essentially,

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SpinLaunch wants to orbit using large, vacuum-sealed chambers and supersonic tethers to spin the spacecraft at high enough speeds, up to 5,000 miles per hour, to escape the atmosphere. That means no rockets. no rocket engine It's a distinctly different way of thinking about space flight.

which is more similar to a giant rail gun than a conventional firing system

According to SpinLaunch, such a system is possible thanks to advances in small electronics and high-strength materials such as carbon fiber. which can harden both launch vehicles and small satellites to high G-forces.

The prototype flight took place Oct. 22 at Spaceport America in New Mexico. In addition to launching a test vehicle at supersonic speeds using an accelerator that is about a third the size of the planned system. (But still bigger than the Statue of Liberty, SpinLaunch states on its website). reused for later testing.