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Wearing a mask to play in Songkran water risky "COVID-19"?

How safe is this Songkran? Is there a risk of COVID-19 and how can we safely join the Songkran Festival?

Whether the government will finally announce that Songkran Festival will be held this year or not. But in the end, it must be up to Thais to be aware of the risks that may arise if they attend Songkran Festival during the COVID-19 epidemic, including most Thais. Received a complete vaccine against COVID-19

Wet masks risk COVID-19

Female Dr. Phanphimonwipulakorn, Director-General of the Department of Health Ministry of Public Health Provide information posting Sure, before sharing, the quality we want from using face masks and cloth masks is to prevent ourselves from spreading saliva droplets from coughing and sneezing from our mouths and noses outside to others.

But if whenever the mask Or a damp cloth mask That means there is water in the fibers of the fabric. As soon as the droplets of saliva come out of our mouths and noses. It will bind to the water in the fabric. Which allows these liquids to penetrate the mask Whether it seeps in or seeps out, whether it's a cloth mask. Or a mask When wet The properties of preventing saliva droplets from our mouths and noses into the inside are both reduced. And also the risk of getting other people's saliva droplets into our noses and ทางเข้า superslot mouths as well.

So if wearing a mask Or a cloth mask while playing in Songkran There is a high risk of the mask getting wet. And can be exposed to coronavirus or COVID-19

In addition, during water play that makes the face wet often. We may use our hands to touch the mask more often. It increases the risk of getting the virus through the hands to grasp things, rubbing the eyes, picking up food, and also the risk of frequently removing the mask. To wipe the face, wipe the eyes from wetting All of these behaviors that increase the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

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