David F. Sandberg‏ Expresses That Some Fans Will Be Unhappy Regardless What’s Done With Shazam


Shazam director David F. Sandberg went on to Twitter to express how it’s an interesting experience for him, to make a movie where no matter what choices are made for it, they’ll always be some fans who’ll passionately hate him for it.

An example Sandberg used of this, is the hood that was implemented to Shazam’s suit in the New 52, Injustice: God Among Us video game and the current Rebirth comics, which many fans have taken a liking to, while others prefer the original suit without the hood.

Captain Marvel comics have been around since 1939 and since then the character has gone through different interpretation of his origin stories and the deign of his costume. Like many DC Comics characters, each fan has a vision of who these characters are to them, none being wrong or right.

But sadly fandoms are full of stubborn fans who want to stick to their guns as to who they believe these beloved characters should be and look like, and aren’t always opened to another new interpretation.

Fans of the character should just be simply happy we’re getting a live action Shazam movie!

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