Aftermath of Shooting Guns on Suicide Squad Set


Suicide Squad crew member by the name of Scott, we apologize for not knowing his full name or his title on the set of the film, posted a photo from the film’s set with the description “We like shooting guns”.

This images comes after the photo Suicide Squad director David Ayer shared through his Twitter, of a pile of magazines full of bullets.

We like shooting guns. #torontofilm #toronto #suicidesquad #suicidesquadmovie #onset #onlocation #backlot

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  • Phil Dunlap

    Y’know, not to be that guy, but maybe in the aftermath of a very high-profile mass killing in the news right now, it’s not the best time to be posting images of massive amounts of ammunition and declarations of loving shooting guns. I know it’s a movie and I’m not criticizing them for the content of what they’re filming, just the timing of these tweets.