Andrew Kreisberg on Shocking Death and Ramifications of Time Travel


The Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg drops hugh spoilers in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, after last night’s episode that shock many of us and then left us reeling.

This interview contains many spoilers, please beware before you continue reading what we’ve highlighted from the interview.

On Time Travel:

“It’s the advantage of having a show that dabbles in time travel,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says. “This episode allowed us to give people a tease and a taste and make some big reveals.” But the question remains whether those big reveals will hold true once Barry relives the day. “The ramifications of this episode—and the fun of episode 16—is seeing… how much of it still happens and how much of it might possibly change.”

“Like Wells said in a previous episode, there are different versions of time travel,” Kreisberg says. “There’s the fixed loop and there’s a version where time is more plastic and mutable. One of the fun things is discovering, like Doctor Who, what’s a fixed point in time? What can’t be changed? What things always have to happen? What things are changeable and are mutable? It’s a mixture of both.”

While that sounds like bad news for Nora Allen, it’s likely great news for Cisco, who met a grim and heartbreaking fate at the end of Tuesday’s episode after Wells shoved his vibrating hand through his chest. First, though, Wells revealed to his protégé that he is actually Eobard Thawne, a distant relative of Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett), who had jumped back in time with a plan to murder Barry before getting trapped in this era. In cultivating Barry’s powers, Eobard aims to find a way home. Fortunately, even the slightest change at the beginning of the day that Barry is about to relive could prevent Cisco from investigating his boss in the first place, likely sparing his life.

On Barry and Iris’ relationship: 

“What’s important about this episode is we finally learn the answer to the question that Barry asks Iris in episode 9,” Patton says. “Iris, when she’s backed against a wall and she realizes they could both lose their lives, it propels her to finally come to grips with how she’s been feeling about Barry. I think it’s important that at the root of how she feels, she loves Barry. But that also makes it very complicated because she does love Eddie, it’s just in a different way.”

To read the full interview head over to Entertainment Weekly.

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