Aquaman Becomes The Top Grossing DC Comics Movie of All Time


James Wan’s Aquaman becomes the top grossing DC Comics movie of all times with $1.09 billion dollars at the world wide box office, beating out the likes of the perviously biggest DC Comics movie The Dark Knight Rises, by director Christopher Nolan, which held the top spot with $1.08 billion dollars since 2012.

At the moment it’s being reported that Aquaman will go beyond $1.1 billion at the box office, as it’s out pacing the Marvel Studios movie Captain America: Civil War, which made $1.15 billion at the world wide box office.

Even though Aquaman is doing amazing with it’s over-all world wide numbers, it still isn’t the top-grossing DC Extended Universe movie domestically, as the film stands with $316 million, lagging behind the likes of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s $330 million, Suicide Squad’s $325 million and Wonder Woman’s $412 million, which stands as the top grossing DCEU movie domestically at the current moment.

Director James Wan went on to Twitter once the news broke that Aquaman surpassed The Dark Knight Rises at the world box office, by simply stating how “Crazy” the accomplishment was and sharing a link to the Deadline article regarding the news.


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