Arrow and The Flash Television Critics Association Press Tour Recap


‘Arrow’: Black Canary steps up now that Oliver has ‘fallen’

During the panel, Amell added that he learned the outcome of Ollie vs. Ra’s before season 3 commenced. “I personally love when there’s adversity for the protagonist and we give other characters on the show the opportunity to … come more into leading roles,” he said. “If we don’t give other characters the opportunity to shoulder the load, then we give viewers nothing to attach them to. I’m excited for everyone’s opportunity.”

Black Canary (Katie Cassidy), in particular, will be stepping up in a huge way as she fills the void. “I’ve been waiting for this to happen,” Cassidy said of suiting up, though noting that Laurel really had to earn it. “She goes from avenging her sister to honoring her sister to becoming her sister.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

The Flash Will Introduce Reverse Flash – But Is There Just One?

Tom Cavanagh, who plays Dr. Harrison Wells on The Flash, confirmed that he will be doing double-duty as the villain Reverse Flash at the Television Critics Association’s winter previews on Sunday.

“[Wells] is the man in the yellow suit,” Cavanagh said during a panel discussion, referencing the comic book villain who killed The Flash’s mother. And since he has the suit, exhibited the villain’s vocal vibration powers, and has a faster-than-light tachyon device, all signs point to a time-traveling Reverse Flash. But is he the only one?


ARROW/THE FLASH Crossovers To Become Yearly Events

The crossover between Arrow and The Flash was a hit, so another seems inevitable. While that won’t be happening during the current seasons of each show, could the two heroes meet up again sometime soon? Yes! The plan according to CW President Mark Pedowitz is to have them being a regular event each Fall/Winter, similar to the popular Doctor Who Christmas Special episodes.

There’s also been talks of expanding this growing corner of the DC Universe, with Pedowitz adding: “We are having some preliminary discussions about expanding [that] universe, but we have not vetted them out. Could there be another hour in that universe? Possibly. As long as there’s no audience fatigue.”


Arrow / The Flash Producer Talks Supergirl Casting and the Big Crossover Question

Question: Is there crossover potential for Supergirl with Arrow or The Flash?

Berlanti: So much has to go right for us to be able to make a great show. Again, I think of myself as like if I were watching them, I would want to see that. But we have to get so many things right to make a good show and so much of it is luck, unfortunately.

Source: IGN

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