Asher Angel Explains How he Got the Role of Billy Batson in Shazam


Asher Angel who’s playing Billy Batson in David Sandberg’s Shazam, recently appeared on the Youtube show Circa News, where he talks on how he got the role of Billy Batson in the movie, explaining that he tested for director David Sanberg, then went on to test for Warner Bros. to then getting the role and not being able to disclose the news for two weeks.

“I was self-taping for it, and then they wanted to call me in for a test. So I came into Los Angeles, I tested with David, the director David Sandberg; it was so much fun! I just felt so comfortable, he’s a really, really cool guy, really cool guy, he’s originally from Sweden. And the next day I went into Warner Bros. to do one last scene in front of the execs and everyone and I mean two days later we were leaving to go from L.A. to go back to Utah and we got the call and I was like… I was shook. I was SHOOK!”

To listen to the full interview, watch the interview below:

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