Barnes & Noble to Host a Batman v Superman Day on March 19th


The book store Barnes & Noble will be hosting Batman v Superman Day on March 19th at their stores nationwide, starting at 7pm. The event will be celebrating the opening of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on March 25th and have film related trivia sponsored by DC Entertainment, where fans can win prizes related to the film. There’ll also be a DC Comics cosplay contest and DC related activity for kids, such as crafting and drawing.

Sounds like it’ll be a great day all around for DC fans in general!

At 7 p.m. on Saturday, March 19, every Barnes & Noble store nationwide will host a Batman v Superman trivia event, sponsored by DC Entertainment. Be sure to join your fellow fans and show off your knowledge of all things Batman and Superman. Some lucky winners may receive awesome Batman v Superman-themed prizes! Other events may include DC Comics™ cosplay contests, superhero kids activity hour, bat-stache crafting, drawing demonstrations, and more. Call your local store for details.


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