Batman v Superman Already Makes $20-25 Million on Advance Ticket Sales


According to Movio, which is a global leader in data analytics for cinema film distributors and studios, that monitors movieticket buyer trends, the advance ticket sales from March 10th until now, for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has made between $20-25 million and is out pacing advance ticket sales for mega hits such as Deadpool, The Avengers and Furious 7.

Here’s the full demographic breakdown by Movio:

“As expected, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is anticipated by the fan male audience,” said Movio Co-Founder and Chief Executive Will Palmer. “The audience profile is 78% male, massively over indexing between age 14-49. This is your avid opening weekend audience with some 70% attending films during opening week, spending 3.2 times more than the typical US moviegoer.” Per Movio, 99% of BvS’ advanced ticket buyers have booked sessions over opening weekend, with 57% on Thursday night (two-thirds of them for the first screening session at 6 or 7 pm) and 22% on Friday. Average age for a Thursday night audience member is 30.3 years old versus Jurassic World’s average opening night ticketbuyer of 30.6 years old. Guys per Movio are anticipated to rep 82% of the Thursday night audience, compared to Jurassic World’s 64% male on Thursday night.


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