Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Blu-Ray Special Features Reveled


As previously reported the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Blu-ray become officially available for pre-order on Amazon for $35.99 USD, during the time of that reporting, what was being made available for special features was unknown. That is until now. 

The Australian electronics retailer JB Hi-Fi have unrevealed the Batman v Superman blu-ray special features:

  • Uniting The World’s Finest
  • Gods And Men: A Meeting Of Giants
  • The Warrior, The Myth, The Wonder
  • Accelerating Design: The New Batmobile
  • Analysing A New Legacy Of Design: Superman
  • Analysing A New Legacy Of Design: Batman
  • Analysing A New Legacy Of Design: Wonder Woman
  • Analysing A New Legacy Of Design: The Batcave
  • The Might And The Power Of A Punch
  • The Empire Of Luthor
  • Save The Bats


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