Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – LEGO Commercial


LEGO released a commercial for the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, sky-high battle set, which is the biggest of the first wave of the building sets for the film.

The commercial itself shows Lex Luthor in a helicopter with Lois Lane hanging from it, as Superman and Wonder Woman fly in to help, for Batman to fly in moments later with the Batwing.

The description of the set is as followed:

Join forces with Super Heroes to take on Lex Luthor™ in thrilling battle high above Metropolis. Launch the Batwing with Batman™ in the cockpit and fold out the wings. Fly with Superman™ and Wonder Woman™ to stop Lois falling. Dodge the LexCorp helicopter’s Kryptonite flick missiles and fire back with the Batwing’s awesome rapid shooter. Then take the battle down to the streets with Batman’s grapple hook gun.

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