Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – MightyPrint Wall Art Print


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wall art print by MightyPrint have been unveiled by Entertainment Earth, there’s a total of 5 wall arts of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. 

  • Wonder Woman – Warrior Goddess
  • Superman – Man of Steel
  • Batman – The Dark Knight
  • Batman – Wanted Hero
  • Superman – False God

The wall art coat $16.99 USD and will be release sometime in February, with pre-order now available.

BVS_MightyPrint_Wall_Art_01 BVS_MightyPrint_Wall_Art_02 BVS_MightyPrint_Wall_Art_03 BVS_MightyPrint_Wall_Art_04 BVS_MightyPrint_Wall_Art_05

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