Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Prequel Comic Book Featuring Batman


As previously reportedDr. Pepper is taking part of helping promote Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as they’ve released themed products featuring characters from the film, along with the 20oz bottle that offers a free prequel comic, written by Christos Gage and art by Joe Bennett.

Now the first chapter of the series, has made its way online, which features Batman’s story.

Batman V Superman: DOJ- Prequel Comicbook – Chapter 1

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  • Vincent Kennedy McMahon

    That was a great read. Really hammers home the fact that Superman’s appearance really changed him. He’s going harder, wants to do what he thinks is the best thing he can do for the world, which is take down Superman. He probably even wants to go down in a blaze of glory, he’s at the end of his road and just doesn’t give a damn if he dies.
    I expect by the end of this film, he’ll find a new purpose to live for. Realizing that there’s still some good he can do not only for his city, but the whole world. By starting the Justice League with Superman and Wonder Woman.