Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Production Budget is $250 Million


The production budget for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been in question for sometime now, but today reliable sources such as Variety, Deadline and Entertainment Weekly have all reported that the budget for the highly anticipated DC Comics film is $250 million, making it $25 million more than Man of Steel.

Prior to this confirmation, it was rumored that the film’s budget was around $400 million, as some outlets assumed with how grand production and how long the film took to shoot, that the budget would be bloated.

With a $250 million budget, Batman v Superman will have to make $500 million to break even and around $750 million to be seen successful going by the rule of thumb when it comes to box office math. Which might not apply, but if it does, with the hype surrounding the film we believe this won’t be a problem.

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