Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Projected to Make $900 Million Worldwide


According to Forbes, which is the top leading American business magazine, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is projected to make around $900 million Worldwide at the box office.

As they report the film will probably make $365 million domestically and around $900 in total, with those numbers it’s maybe possible the film could surprise projection  and cross the $1 billion threshold at the end of its run, at least we can hope!

With Batman v Superman being the second installment to the DC Extended Universe, it ending its box office run as a $900 million dollar film nevertheless, should be seen as mighty impressive result, as Forbes points out, the film unquestionably is a box office smash.

Now if we’re talking pure numbers, the film is a hit. It will probably make around $365 million domestic with an worldwide total of probably around $900m, give-or-take (it may have topped $700m worldwide today). And the fact that its domestic total looks less mighty than it would have had Deadpool not obscenely over performed is not Batman v Superman’s fault. It’s unquestionably a box office smash. It’s not a flop, or a bomb, or even a disappointment. The only disappointment lies in its reception and its responsibility in creating excitement for what comes next.


Source: Forbes

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