Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Projected to Make $900 Million Worldwide


According to Forbes, which is the top leading American business magazine, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is projected to make around $900 million Worldwide at the box office.

As they report the film will probably make $365 million domestically and around $900 in total, with those numbers it’s maybe possible the film could surprise projection  and cross the $1 billion threshold at the end of its run, at least we can hope!

With Batman v Superman being the second installment to the DC Extended Universe, it ending its box office run as a $900 million dollar film nevertheless, should be seen as mighty impressive result, as Forbes points out, the film unquestionably is a box office smash.

Now if we’re talking pure numbers, the film is a hit. It will probably make around $365 million domestic with an worldwide total of probably around $900m, give-or-take (it may have topped $700m worldwide today). And the fact that its domestic total looks less mighty than it would have had Deadpool not obscenely over performed is not Batman v Superman’s fault. It’s unquestionably a box office smash. It’s not a flop, or a bomb, or even a disappointment. The only disappointment lies in its reception and its responsibility in creating excitement for what comes next.


Source: Forbes

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  • Guest

    I still think WB will be disappointed with it..

    • Barbara White

      A billion dollars is disappointing? I don’t think so.

      • Djimd

        Well short of $1 billion is disappointing when you were hoping for $1.3 billion. Batman v superman was expected to make $1 billion plus no problem. Most movies (and all the good ones) make far north of 2.5x their opening weekend. BVS will ever making very close to 2.0x.

        $700k offer for my house sounds like a lot of money, but when I’m expecting $790k that’s a disappointment.

        • Barbara White

          I truly don’t care about that. The early reviews were wonderful. I’m baffled by RT and those reviews but when you start to compare, well that will lead to not seeing a clear picture of what is happening on the screen.

          Look, I’ve seen it in theaters multiple times which I haven’t done in a long time, especially when you consider how easily you can watch movies outside of movie houses nowadays. This movie is rich with narratives, visuals, Easter eggs, just so much to see.

          Every time I see it, I want to see it again! The DVD will smash all records. Trust me in this!!

          • Djimd

            Respectfully, the early reviews were actually NOT good either.

            On the night they did the screening, they had an embargo on reviews, but a small number of people (people with no previously established reviews, just nobodies, probably studio plants) TWEETED unbelievably high praise for the movie like “game changer” and “greatest superhero movie ever”.

            But as soon as review embargo was lifted, the reviews were mostly terrible. Even the good reviews were mostly very mixed.

            And RT is not a single place that pays reviewers. All they do is aggregate reviewers’ opinions and tally them up. BVS just wasn’t well liked anywhere. CinemaScore (polling audiences leaving theaters) was a B, which is really really bad score on that scale. Exiting audiences give every decent superhero movie A- to A+, because audiences leaving theaters are GENEROUS scorers. The word of mouth was terrible because word of mouth drives the number of people who see the movie AFTER opening weekend. Multiplier for BVS is < 2.0, which is almost unheard of. Means that the number of people who bought tickets for the 5 weeks after opening weekend is less than The number who went opening weekend. A movie with good word of mouth gets DOUBLE the audience after opening weekend.

            Nothing can take away from your enjoyment of the movie, I'm glad the $400m debacle pleased somebody and wasn't a total waste. People have different taste. The Dvd or blu Ray will most definitely not smash any records.

          • Barbara White

            I loved it! That’s all that matters to me!

          • Djimd

            I’m glad. I truly am glad. It’s all opinions.

            Just trying to keep the factual stuff straight, like the fact that early reviews weren’t much better than the later ones.

  • Max Strauss

    $900 milion is pretty good, but WB expected more, at least $1B I think. Still, considering the ratings that’s pretty good.

    • They expected more if it was a critical success. Considering how poorly it’s been reviewed, 1B is very good news for WB.

    • Djimd

      Yep, if it were a good movie, They would expect (and would be correct about it) $1.3 billion. Considering it was bad and had horrific word of mouth, they’ll be lucky to hit $900m

  • Barbara White

    I’m definitely excited for JL, no question sbout that. This article may be dated as early as February before the movie premiered. I hope I’m wrong because I was worried about the long term sticking power of the film.

  • Red Queen

    I absolutely love this movie and I’ll love it no matter how much money it makes. But, I have to admit, I’ll be kind of disappointed if it doesn’t make a billion.

    • Saturn

      I’m pretty sure WB wants it to be at least 1B, because it has Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. If it doesn’t, in WB’s eyes, it is a disappointment.

      Hopefully, BvS will cross 1B.

      • Red Queen

        Let’s hope so!