Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Special IMAX Event Fan Experience


Tonight Warner Bros. had a Special IMAX Event for the screening of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer. This was suppose to be the debut of the teaser trailer, but unfortunately it was leaked before today, forcing Warner Bros. to release the trailer before today and their set date for online which was Tuesday April 21st.
We’re sure due to the trailer being released early, many were discouraged to attend today’s Special IMAX Event, which is unfortunate because those who decided to attend regardless, were rewarded with a free ticket to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a week early, which we were handed while we waited in line. This was something that was a complete surprise to all of us, everyone around me, myself included had our mouthes opened as they handed us the ticket and explained to us what they were for. That alone made the event worth everything and more, thank you Warner Bros. for the awesome gift!

At this point everyone in line was on cloud 9 and we still weren’t shown what we were originally there for. Finally inside the theater they read us a message from Warner Bros, thanking us for coming to the screening, apologizing for the trailer for being leaked and thanking those who held off from seeing the teaser until the event.

Soon afterwards the lights dimmed and Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder appeared on-screen, standing in front of the Batmobile, same location as the preview of the Batmobile that was released by Bleacher Report, he again thanks us for being there, then went on to explain that we would be the first to see the teaser trailer (of course this was recorded before the leak) plus be the first and only to see extra footage that won’t be shown anywhere else, footage that was exclusive only for the Special IMAX screening.

The teaser trailer rolls– it’s the same as the one that’s online now, but seeing it in IMAX was very impressive, it most definitely sold the IMAX experience with the visuals and audio, they were nothing you would see or hear in a regular theater.

The screen goes dark  after the teaser is shown, then extra footage is then shown, which is:

A close up of Superman’s face, he looks angry, then you see him charging from the left of the screen, then we get a wider view, where you then see Batman in his armor suit as he’s also charging with his arms out coming from the right of the screen, towards Superman who now has a balled up fist in the air. Just as they are about to clash it cuts. Goes to dark and then the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice title appears.

Before the scene cuts, Superman and Batman look to be in this same position from this t-shirt design that was said to be what the cast and crew received as gifts. The only difference, the position need to be switched, Batman on our right and Superman on our left.
batman_v_superman_t-shirtAfter Zack Snyder appears again on the screen, explains the technically used with the IMAX camera during certain takes in the trailer, talks about the charging scene and how that was all filmed in IMAX in a special way, he goes into other details but I honestly can’t remember what they were, as my brain was in overdrive after seeing the exclusive scene, he then tells us to pay close attention to the teaser trailer again for these scenes he mentioned.

The teaser trailer and the charging scene was shown again, afterwards as the screen went dark and the hashtag #BatmanvSuperman appeared, the audience in my theater went nuts, clapping, cheering and demanding to see the teaser for a third time.

The lights finally come on and as we walked out of the theater we were handed one of the exclusive posters that Snyder tweeted about yesterday.

superman_poster batman_poster

At my theater we weren’t given a choice as to which poster we could have, heard at other theaters people had a choice between the two, while others allowed people to have copies of both. I ended up with the Superman poster, which I’m fine with, as I am more of a Superman fan than Batman fan, though I would had preferred both, because they’re both very nice.

Overall the event was much more than what I expected it to be, again the free ticket to see the film a week early in IMAX was beyond what I expected, it was very gracious of Warner Bros. IMAX and Zack Snyder to do that for us fans who attended this event. With that said, I want to give a big THANK YOU to Warner Bros., IMAX and Zack Snyder for giving us fans this awesome opportunity!

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