Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser Trailer Leaked?


Has the one of the teaser trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice leaked online? It seems that way going by what twitter user @MuDragon uploaded on to twitter, which looks like an extended version of what was shown at the Warner Bros. panel at San Diego Comic Con last year.

As you will see this teaser trailer has been made for the Portuguese speaking audience, it’s only a 30 second clip of it.


— MurDock (@MuDragon) April 16, 2015

UPDATE: He’s also posted a screen captures from the trailer with the caption that reads “False God” sprayed on a statue of Superman and “The world is excited to see what he can do”:


UPDATE: @MuDragon’s tweets have been removed by Warner Bros.

NOTE: The full 2 minute trailer has been leaked online and out of respect to Warner Bros. we aren’t going to post it here or link to it. 

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