Batman v Superman is Seeing 30% More Repeat Business For a Blockbuster Film


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is doing successfully well at the box office with the help of repeat business that the film has taken in since it’s début. According to the vice president of communication for Fandango Dana Henry Benson, Batman v Superman is seeing 30% more repeat business than what they normally see for the typical blockbuster.

“Fandango is seeing 30% more repeat business for Batman v Superman than the company sees for a typical blockbuster,” said Fandango’s vice president of communications Dana Henry Benson, “and sales for the movie continue to be strong today.”

Then according to Goldstein, movie theater owners estimate 5% to 10% of their business over the Easter weekend came from repeat business from the film:

“You can’t gross this kind of business without people coming back,” he said. “The math isn’t there.”


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