Batman v Superman Latest LEGO Set Reveals Major Spoiler


The latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set for LEGO has revealed a major spoiler that’s been speculated on by many fans for sometime now. Plus other LEGO Set details for the film have been released.Now the major spoiler the latest set reveals is how Batman will be able to fight Superman and it has came to light in one of the January set #76044, which is the smallest of the sets, costing $14.99.


As seen above, the set shows Amor Batman holding a kryptonite gun, along with another big looking canon kryptonite gun, that’s set up next to the Batsignal. There’s also a grappling gun and a lead box, in where the kryptonite most likely sits in. Then there’s Superman flying in looking not very happy with Batman.

The January sets for Batman v Superman are as followed:

  •  Set #1:
    Includes Armored Batman, Superman, and the Batsignal.
    Cost $14.99
  • Set #2:
    Includes Batman, 2 goons, the Batmobile, and a Lexcorp truck.
    Cost: $29.99
  • Set #3:
    Includes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, 1-2 goons, the Batwing, and a Lexcorp helicopter.
    Cost: $69.99

Batman using kryptonite against Superman isn’t much of a spoiler if you’re familiar with The Dark Knight Returns or any series where Batman has gone up against Superman. But it’s awesome nonetheless to get a confirmation, how Batman goes about using it and a look at the new LEGO set for the film.


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