Ben Affleck Says He Still Wants to Direct a Batman Movie


Ben Affleck who was originally was hired to helm The Batman, but stepped down for personal reasons and what he also explains in a recent interview with Daily Sabah, not being happy with the script he received, goes on to say he’s still wants to direct a Batman film, even though now Matt Reeves is now in the process . Affleck also goes on to talk on the lighter Batman we saw in Justice League and how he enjoyed that version of the character a lot and even talks on being interested in following the possibilities that the DC Universe could go.

Barbaros Tapan: Are you happy that this is a lighter Batman and that he actually has a sense of humor?

Ben Affleck: I like this version of Batman a lot. It was a lot to carry around the danger of being angry and resentful of Superman the whole time, which led to a darker tone. And with this one, Batman is not a Joker and is not as funny, but is hilarious, as the straight man to Flash and other people. That’s a nice dynamic to get to play off of somebody and have a little bit more irony and have a little bit more self-awareness, a little bit more fun with the movie. That was great.

B.T.: Do you see yourself coming back for another ‘Batman’ or at this moment are you looking at different projects?

B.A: For me, it’s interesting, and I always evaluate this stuff on the merit of the material. I want to direct a “Batman” movie, and I never got a script that I was happy with, so they are starting over and writing another script. And right now, I think a lot of different possibilities I think for the way the DC Universe could go, and I will just follow my interests in pursing that. And I know that I love working with this group of people, and it was a real joy for me to make this movie.


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