Black Lightning Show Runner Would Like for Static Shock to Make an Appearance


Black Lightning show runner Salim Akil, in a recent interview with Yahoo!Movie UK, spoke on how he would like to see other superheroes on the hit The CW television series that premiered this month. Akil went on to say Static Shock on the series would be interesting.

“..we want to entertain. I know this show is topical and it has some political merit to it, but we also want to entertain and make people laugh and get them excited about the fight sequences, and the characters that are coming in, as well as the villains that are coming in. We hope it will be a well-rounded experience so yes, we’d love to see other superheroes come through. Static could be interesting.”

Static Shock which was previously being worked on as a live action television series back in 2015, hasn’t received any new updates since the last report by writer, director and producer Reginald Hudlin, that the series was still in development.


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