Bryce Dallas Howard Comments on the Idea of Playing Poison Ivy


Gotham City Sirens is in the middle of being developed, with David Ayer on the helm and casting for the film can only be assumed is underway, as Margot Robbie is the only actress to be officially attached to the film at the moment, returning as Harley Quinn.

Casting rumors have circled the internet, mostly those by fans, fan casting actresses who they believe will be perfect for the roles of characters such as Catwoman and Poison Ivy, as fans have approached actress through their social media accounts on the idea of them playing the roles. Such one fan did recently with Bryce Dallas Howard, on the idea of her playing Poison Ivy, in which she responded.

This simple reply has led fans to assume Bryce Dallas Howard  is in talks or is at least interested in playing the role in Gotham City Sirens, but Howard nor Warner Bros. have confirmed the casting. As of this moment, Gotham City Sirens has yet to have its Poison Ivy and Catwoman.

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  • JoyDC4Life

    sigh… clickbaited.
    Not even an article
    Not even a comment on playing Poison Ivy,
    Shame on you.

    • You do not what clickbait is if you think this is what it is… She was asked “would you be willing to play Poison Ivy?” in which she responded with “She’s pretty badass”, in hand she responded to the question, with a comment, which was “she’s pretty badass”.

      • JoyDC4Life

        Yeah it is. You put a false headline in to get a click. That is definitive clickbait. Giving an opinion on the veracity of the character of being badass is NOT giving a response to Would you be willing to play poison ivy. You obtuse dolt.

        • The headline reads “Bryce Dallas Howard Comments on the Idea of Playing Poison Ivy”… which is what she did, she said she’s pretty badass… people can take that which ever way they want. The person who asked the question, took that as a “YES” she would be willing to play the role, meanwhile YOU took it as her not responding to the question.

          And once again you don’t know what clickbait is, more so since no one in any of our social media accounts or even on this site is complaining about this besides yourself.

          Move on and find something else worth complaining about.

          • JoyDC4Life

            Don’t worry sweetheart I will definitely take your advice to move on from any more clicks and from listening to your attempts at rationale. And some advice to you, write articles worthy of clicking on, rather than a pretentious and ineffectual use of celeb tweets. Ciao.

          • You were so busy obsessing over this article, guess you failed to see the other 12 that have been posted since or the 4300+ others posted prior. But thanks for the advice on how to run a site… I’m sure you’re very credible on all accounts on that front!

          • Calum Sanderson

            guys stop fighting please united we stand divided we fall

          • Sorry, I just don’t care for someone telling me how to run this site and saying we’re posting click bait articles when that’s further from the truth.

          • Calum Sanderson

            I understand

          • Calum Sanderson

            guys stop fighting please united we stand divided we fall.