Cara Delevingne Prepared to Play Enchantress By Silently Imagining Ways to Kill Her Friends


Cara Delevingne who’s playing The Enchantress in Suicide Squad, was recently interviewed by The New York Times, where she spoke mainly about her career as a model, her change of career from a model to actING and her latest film Paper Towns that’s due to release later this month.

Later into the interview she did speak a bit about her role in Suicide Squad or at least how she got into character.

Recently been playing the supervillain Enchantress in David Ayer’s DC Comics 2016 tent pole “Suicide Squad,” for which she has prepared by silently imagining ways to kill her friends.

“I’ll be in a group of people, thinking as this evil, twisted woman, of people exploding, or cutting them up,” she said, curling her lip into a comical snarl, before breaking back into a grin. “It works.”

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