Carlos Valdes Teases Cisco Ramon Becoming Vibe


Carlos Valdes who plays Cisco Ramon on The Flash spoke with at The CW Upfront in New York City this past Thursday. Valders spoke on his character, who he’ll like to work with more in season two of the series and question on everyone’s mind, when we’ll see Cisco’s alter ego Vibe.

There have been some cool moments and nods to Cisco’s comic book alter ego, is that something you’re vibing on, getting to do that in the future?

CV: That wasn’t very subtle, Lucas. (laughs)

(laughs) To be super obvious and puntacular…

CV: I think, yeah, that’d be really nice. I can tease that fans can expect some big questions about the Vibe mythology to be answered in the next episode, the season finale here.

Yeah, we’ve been waiting since that mid-season trailer, where we saw that visor…

CV: Yeah! It looks good, right? You’d think, right? They’re kind of giving you the lollipop, but they’re not really giving it to you, they’re just holding it in front of your face.

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