Charles Roven Says There’s No Plans to Make Suicide Squad R-Rated


Producer of the DC Extended Universe Charles Roven, spoke exclusively to Collider during the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice press junket, where Roven was asked on the possibility of making Suicide Squad or future films of the DC Extended Universe R-Rated. 

In which Roven confirmed there’s no plans in making any future films R-rated at the time, they’ll be keeping them all PG-13.

At the moment, my understanding is we are still releasingSuicide Squad as a PG-13, so there hasn’t been to my mind a serious conversation about doing anything other than that. I understand why Deadpool was released as an R-rated film, and I think that the DC Justice League characters, particularly because so many of them are so iconographic, have been around for so long and for so many generations that have grown up with them, and that are still growing up with them, I think we want to present them, when we finally present them, to the broadest possible audience that we can. I think that’s why we’ve planned on making these movies PG-13.

I’m not seeing any real reason to change. We’ve made some pretty edgy films that are rated PG-13. You never want to say “never” because we all evolve, but right now I think we’re staying that course.

Source: Collider

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