Chris Pine Confirms Role in Wonder Woman


Chris Pine who’s hasn’t been officially confirmed by Warner Bros. to be involved in the Wonder Woman film or that he’s playing the role Steve Trevor, but has been heavily attached to the film and role for months now, was recently asked by Premiere on it, in which Pine gladly confirmed, while also saying some really nice things about Gal Gadot and the character of Wonder Woman.

“Good. I do not really know what I’m allowed to tell you”, told us Chris. “I’m super excited, of course, Gal Gadot is super talented, Patty Jenkins will perform, and we will shoot in film. What excites me most is to turn in a movie with a superhero woman. With a woman in the lead role. I on a team with this intelligent, beautiful and strong woman to destroy the villains and save the mankind. The routine, whatever.”

Pine was also asked if the film will take place in the 30’s or 40’s, which Pine choose not to confirm, but did confirm that the movie will be shot in film and not digital.


Source: thanks to @juanmies for the heads up!

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