Chris Pine Says Patty Jenkins is Developing a Story That’ll Surprise Fans


Chris Pine who playing Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, in an interview with the Spanish Entertainment site Elmulticine, spoke a bit on his time with the filming the film this far, stating Gal Gadot action scenes are exceptionally good and that Patty Jenkins is developing a story that’ll surprise fans.

Here’s the English Translation:

Chris Pine forms part the DC Cinematic Universe, within the film Wonder Woman, with the actress Gal Gadot as protagonist. Both have had several weeks of filming from the direction of Patty Jenkins. Now Pine talks about the process and described the qualities of the Israeli-born actress as exceptionally good for the action scenes.

Chris Pine talks about Gal Gadot’s character in the movie, Wonder Woman. He described the character as very impactful. “Her qualities are exceptional. She’s able to compose a character unlike no other at all times and is definitely a great value for the history”.

Pine also spoke beautifully about Patty Jenkins. “Her direction is masterful, has great knowledge of the historical period in which we are in (referring to the First World War, the filming process taking place on English soil). She’s certainly doing a great job developing a story that will surprise fans”.

About his role as Steve Trevor, Chris Pine comments “It’s a great character that fits into the history as an excellent complement. All within an argument which demonstrates once again the power of women–strong, smart and beautiful.”


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