Chris Terrio Helped Ben Affleck Make the Decision to Become Batman


Matt Damon during his press tour for his latest film The Martian, at Toronto International Film Festival spoke to MTV News on Ben Affleck’s decision on playing Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, by stating that getting screenplay writer Chris Terrio on board was the move that helped Ben make the decision.

“I talked to him about it. It was a big decision,” Damon recalled. “He knew what the stakes were. Once he was able to get Chris Terrio to write the script, I think that made the decision for him. Chris is a fantastic writer and Ben really liked Zack [Snyder], who’s directing, and it was like, ’well, I’ve got all the pieces that are necessary.’ ”

Damon also spoke on Affleck’s muscle gain:

“He put on like 30 pounds, which took him like nine months,” Damon added. “He put on like 30 pounds of muscle, which is really not easy to do. You’ve gotta eat a lot. You’ve gotta be an omnivore. Or just greedy.”


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