Ciarán Hinds Not Happy With the Theatrical Cut of Justice League


Ciarán Hinds who played Steppenwolf in Justice League, confirmed during a fan signing at ACE Comic Con in Long Island, New York that he’s not happy with the theatrical cut of Justice League and hopes they release director Zack Snyder’s cut of the film.

There’s no word from Warner Bros. on if a Snyder’s cut of the film exist, though there’s many reports from people who worked on the film that state there is a cut, while there are others in the industry who say there’s no finish cut of the film, at least not one that won’t result with the studio having to put money into it, to finish it.

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  • frank reality

    The only thrill of the whole movie was the amazon battle cry coming over the hill. All the characters [except Wonder Woman. she nailed it.] could be worked with. With much better scripting and less over the top showboating. It’s action story telling not comedy relief. Not to get on the band blame Ben bandwagon, {he can act if he wants to] but Batman is the tactical lynch pin to the justice league and his character gits more serious with age. His humor, [if any] is dry and succinct to the point. Major Kevin Conroy lessons are a basic requirement. Teamwork, both on and off screen, not title claiming is the secret here. The magic, and the rewards, just happen after that.