Cine Premiere Interview with Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill


The cast of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which includes Ben Affleck (Batman), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Henry Cavill (Superman) were interviewed by the Spanish magazine Cine Premiere on the set of the film back in August 2014.

The interview with the cast has now been released and translated in English by Reddit user cruzazulfan007.

Batman. Ben Affleck. The Broken Bat.

The next interview took place just outside the set of the previously mentioned torture scene. I saw how the 45 year old actor removed his cowl completely sweaty and breathing profusely. He still has the outline of his eyes painted black and his boots make him seem gigantic. I appreciated sitting down, since with his bat suit still on he seemed very intimidating. The ice is broken quickly. “How is everthing? Are you having fun today?” he asked me with his normal voice, not with the strong one of his character. “You can bet i am” i responded.

Why are you fighting Superman? Are you fighting over the girl?: Oh God, layers and layers of secrets. This is like the CIA, you know.

Its strange to witness that scene, specially after you have played both superheros: Thats right! Not long ago i played a man who played Superman. But that was a much more tragic version, it was what had happened to George Reeves, who was stigmatized for his character in a show for kids. But through time, these characters have become A-movies. Films like Avengers or Captain America or the Batman movies, are now at the high level of filmmaking, so its a very different thing.

When did you find out you were going to play Batman?: Twelve or fourteen months before filming began. I started talking with Warner, i was pitching my new movie, one i wanted to make after Gone Girl. They told me: “How about making this movie that doesnt have a name yet?”. I told them i needed the script first. I sat down with them and they showed me: “Perhaps this could be your part”. I told them that i was perhaps not right for the part, that i thought they should find a younger guy. But they had a new approach, a batman towards the end of his career, very human, very beat up by life, a broken man. So then i began thinking: “This is interesting…”.

And then you started thinking: Its hard to even remember it. The physical part was very intense, ive been excercising once or twice a day for a year! Ive done more than 600 routines for this film. I knew this would be vital, but then i prepared like i always do for any character, not like Batman, but like Bruce Wayne, because he is the real character. Here we see much of his life as a millionaire, correction, a BILLIONAIRE playboy, womanizer, living in the fast lane…He is a broken man who is trying to fill a void by being Batman.

Speaking of that, how is it fitting in the batsuit? Its hot, its made of latex. When you take it off you can see the sweat splashing. The one i have on is better than the other ones. There is another during a rain scene, that starts filling with water, so then Batman is just having fun. You already saw two: one that was presented at Comic-Con thats the metal suit that goes on top of the other one. And the one you see here, i don’t know how to describe it, but a version of the batsuit that is a desert warrior. I think its only to make more action figures (laughs). There is also a pajama for the motion capture, thats an embarrassement. I thought that the digital effects would save one from that but its worse, but once you see how the scene turns out, its incredible.

Do you believe the tough critics would close their mouths after seeing the movie?: Look, as i was telling you, it was also a surprise to me that they chose me instead of an actor fifteen years younger. I know its a bit confusing and even more without having read the script. I think after Star Wars, Superman and Batman are the characters that people know the most. Its like JJ Abrams when they told him he shouldn’t do this and he shouldn’t do that. In one hand they want to see it, but on the other they have too many expectations. The truth is that at the end of the day, when this movie premieres, its when we can start evaluating. That’s whats really exciting for me.

 Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot. For Femenine Empowerment

As a journalist I should advise you that being in front of Gal Gadot, in an informal conversation before the interview, is only for those with nerves of steel. Model, Miss Israel, and soon will turn 30 years old. Her youth, good vibes, and athletic sex appeal don’t warn you that she can knock you out in a second: she was part of the special forces in her country and in the lethal martial arts of krav maga. This is the first time we will see her in a protagonist role so iconic. Here is part of what we chatted about that sunny afternoon, surrounded by her family and while the air moved through her beautiful dark hair.

What drove you to become Wonder Woman?: When i was going to the meetings in LA, screenwriters, producers, everyone, would ask me what type of character I wanted to portray. I always told them an empowered woman, so portraying her is a dream come true, because this is what i always wanted to do.

Surely playing the tragic Gisele in Fast and Furious helped…: I dont know if it helped me get this role. I definitely felt like i was playing a strong and independent woman: now i am the evolution of the empowered woman.

Generally you do your own stunts, but what else did you do to prepare for this character?: I trained for seven and a half months, you know, everyday counts. It was very, very intense: between two hours a day with Mark Twight and two hours with Ryan Watson, the stunt coordinator, who taught me how to wield a sword and the shield and how to properly do my fights. It was very fun! And now you must be very careful what you ask because i have a sword i know how to use.

How about you instead use your magic lasso… [She laughs, Oh God, I made her laugh] They don’t let me keep the lasso because other people use it, but i definitely learned to use the sword much better.

Then i will depart carefully. I know there are two alpha males who are guarding you… [She laughs again, i feel like a champion] I appear in this film just as she is trying to escape her days of being Wonder Woman. When she meets Batman she feels he will be the one to bring her back to her glory days, that dynamic between the three of them if very intense because they fight for the same values. But everyone wants to shine, there is much tension…good tension, i would say.

Any similarities with Linda Carter?: I think she is much different, from the interpretation. She comes from a different world, she isn’t as american. She is darker, she works by her own account, she is very independent and she feels she knows it all. Its very interesting.

And how about when you are Diana Prince?: My other half. Its really the same character, she has everything Wonder Woman has. Now, all women have what Diana Price and Wonder Woman have, we try to be the best, the best workers, the best wives, and to accomplish it, we need to be greater than whats considered normal.

Which reminds me you need to please a lot of fans…: I have to tell you i really enjoyed this job and my hardest challenge is to not let down anyone. I know its hard and you cant control what everyone thinks, but i feel that to really interpret a good Wonder Woman, i have to show everything positive that a woman has. Thats what makes this very easy because once a woman with tons of confidence is empowered, its very fun.

Superman. Henry Cavill, The immutable man of steel.

I interviewed the englishman in his trailer while he was on break. He still had his superman suit on, without a cape. It was strange to have the superhero who flies faster than an airplane sitting in a room. As every good englishman, he offered me a seat, something to drink, and he presented his akita dog, named Kal-El (We have to ask him why?). Some of the answers youre about to read were interrupted by showings of affection from Kal-El to Superman and viceversa, which was followed by an apology. This guy is so good, its easy to see why he is also Clark Kent.

How do you feel about this sequel?: Good, the best way to put it is that as a human many years have passed, i have more experience in life and i can deal with my mind much better. I know who i am better, and how to deal with myself and with the movies.

And you aren’t jealous that another great superhero is appearing in your movie?: No no, Superman doesn’t get jealous. Not of other superheroes.

So how are you getting along with Batman?: They are opposite sides of the same coin, they want to accomplish the same but in different ways and they arent necessarily in agreement with the methodology of the other, so that means we have a problem, thats where the “V” of the title comes from.

What has happened during this time to Superman? How has he changed?: He is very much himself, he isn’t searching for himself any longer. Now that he is known, he is dealing with a world that has many opinions about him, with multiple groups of people with clashing judgements about his existence.

And now comes one of your iconic villains: Lex Luthor…: Just like Man of Steel is an origin story, now we will see Lex’s. I want to say, this is our introduction. Whats fun is we can see the human reaction to Superman, not only from the population of the planet, but through individuals like Lex and Batman who have very clear views and opinions about the matter.

And obviously that starts the fight that all the world wants to see…: We had a great stunt team, lead by Damon Caro, he made sure it all looked great. We spent a lot of time in Detroit practicing in the gym, so that the choreography came out right. He also made sure i moved in a certain way because Superman isn’t a trained fighter, there is no one, or anything to train with, he survives due to his powers, he isn’t looking for fights. Damon made sure my body moved in that way while gaining experience. Every movement has an intention behind it, but not necessarily one to hurt.

What was your opinion about the reactions to the first film and what did you use from them for this film?: The reaction from the fans was incredible, i love going on message boards and reading what they have to say, in reality i enjoy it. There are people who are very upset and say terrible things, its hilarious. There are others who support it and genuinely are interested, you see the war between the trolls and those who really want to do something. I love reading it, its entertaining to me. But their reaction is fantastic in comparison with the first. Before, Superman was in the hearts of people, so having a new kid, everyone said “I dont know if he can do it, he’s not big enough”. Afterwards there was more faith and people were more excited. When the movie came out, they were divided exactly through the middle, some would say “he can’t be doing that” and others who said it was totally fantastic. The same thing is happening now, no longer aimed at me, now its speculation, everyone has opinions.

In 2013 you went to Mexico to promote Man of Steel, how did it go?: It was a very short trip, very short. I would love to return to Mexico, experience it. You would think you can somehow experience a part of it by visiting California, but its not the same thing. You taste the food, this is mexican food! Not at all like the other one. When i have free time i would love to visit Mexico City, it is one of my vacation destinations, Mexico here i come!


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