Closer Look at Cara Delevingne as Enchantress Gives More Meaning


A behind the scene photo of Cara Delevingne in full Enchantress makeup for Suicide Squad, has been released by twitter user @glomezbieber. The photo in itself gives us a closer look and insight to her character, as we see from the body paint designs, she has a Tau Cross on her neck.

In witchcraft a Tau Cross charmed has the meaning of — a journey you must make, that will have a positive influence on this aspect and the trip maybe over a great distance.

More insight of the meaning of the Tau Cross according to

This charm was worn by the ancients toprotect the wearer against disease and snake bites. The Jews used it as an amulet for epilepsy and erysipelas. It is still used in Ireland as a talisman against stickness. The Tau is one of the most ancient crosses and the forerunner of the Latin Cross. Moses used the Tau Cross with the brazen serpent attached, to save the Childrenof Israel in the wilderness from the attacks of the fiery serpents. The Cross has always been the symbol of life eternal. It was this mark, the Tau Cross, that was placed upon the foreheads of those exempted from Divine wrath in Jerusalem.

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