Colton Haynes Says Arsenal has to Step Up on Arrow


Colton Haynes who plays Roy on Arrow offers in an interview with CBR, some hints about where Roy is headed in the second half of Season 3 and some other behind the scenes tidbits.

Tell me how Roy steps up in Oliver’s absence.
He’s still dealing – he’s not sure if he’s pissed off that this happened. He is very emotional when it comes to that because he lost a mentor and he lost a friend. And he really has to step up, and he isn’t really ready to. So he’s going on his own ventures, as it is, trying to figure out if anything that anyone’s saying is true or not. It’s almost like having too many cooks in the kitchen. It’s a vote every time we have to do something, so that’s kind of frustrating. And at the same time, no one really listens to each other. They all have their own ideas of how they want to do things. But it is nice because it creates a team with everybody, and everyone goes off the hinges once this happens. He is the linchpin of the entire show and the entire team, so once he’s gone, everyone goes a little batshit crazy, yeah.

Who have you gotten to work with a little bit more now, in the wake of Oliver’s death?

It’s been a lot with Diggle and Felicity, and also with Laurel – the Black Canary now – so that’s been really, really fun to do. We have terrible laugh attacks that don’t stop, and we really, like, ruin peoples’ workdays because we can’t stop laughing. And it’s a problem. We should be more professional and stop, but it’s been nice to actually do that. And it’s been nice to work with them as a team as opposed to just one other person.

Since we met Roy, he’s been a tortured kind of guy. Is there any relief, even in the loss of Oliver?

Yeah, he is able to because he’s now making an effort to – what people forget is that Roy killed someone. And he was under the influence, so therefore, he wasn’t himself, and that’s not fair. And it’s also really causing him to be emotionally just distraught. So now he’s taking the steps to figure that out, and he’s going back and seeing people from the past to see what he can do to manage his emotions because Roy doesn’t want to make a bad decision on an emotional level, as opposed to a logical one.

What element of Roy from the comic books would you still love to play?

The drug aspect and the losing an arm. I think Roy’s very emotional, and we’re toying with that. He’s toying with how he’s going to cope with his deep issues. And I think that would be fun to do that kind of dark, edgy aspect of it.

Source: CBR

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