Costumed Character on Suicide Squad Set Possibly Checkmate Knight?


As we previously reported there was a man in a costume on last night’s set of Suicide Squad that was photographed.

UPDATE (5/1/2015): The Costumed Character on the Suicide Squad Set was a FRAUD.

Undisclosed costumed character on April 30th Suicide Squad set.

It was never confirmed who the character or the actor in the costume was. Though since last night’s shoot had mainly Will Smith who’s playing Deadshot on it, we along with many others assumed and speculated it could be Will Smith in a his Deadshot costume.

Even though honestly it didn’t look like a Deadshot to us or what we’re familiar of him from the comics, though it’s never known what the live adaptation of a comic book character will be like in a film since there’s a history of comic book characters looking nothing like what they appear in the comics ending up on the big screen.

Though this time we may have the proof to debunk this undisclosed costumed character as being Will Smith as Deadshot, because DC Comics fans did their research, went deep into the archives of DC Comics and came up with a character that looks a lot like the costumed character on last night’s shoot, that would make perfect sense to be appearing in a Suicide Squad film.

The character’s name is– Checkmate Knight. The description for the Checkmate Knight, is a Knight for the covert operations agency called Checkmate, which is a small division of Task Force X, also known as Suicide Squad.

The most known Checkmate Knight character by name that we were able to come across while doing our own research, who’s appeared in 15 issues of the comics is Winston O’Donnell. Who could be the character that’s in that suit, maybe?

If that’s the case, one has to wonder which actor that we know of, that’s been cast could possibly be playing him? Then again, it could just be a run-of-the-mill Checkmate agent as a Checkmate Knight, as it’s known for more than one to exist for the Checkmate agency… case in point below:


This could be completely off base and the costumed character that was seen on the Suicide Squad set isn’t actually Checkmate Knight, but we thought it would be worth it to link this undisclosed costumed character to a character that made more sense to us appearance wise than him being Will Smith as Deadshot.


Things just got more interesting regarding this undisclosed costumed character on the April 30th shoot of Suicide Squad. Thanks to  for pointing this out to us, but the mask is actually a paintball mask from! Why on earth would a multimillion dollar film use a paintball mask from Amazon? Was the costumed character just some random dude hanging out on a street corner or is he actually in the film or was he just place there to throw everyone off? The plot thickens!

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