David Ayer Agrees the Damage Tattoo on The Joker’s Forehead was too Far


Suicide Squad director David Ayer, went on to Twitter last month to respond to a fan tweet regarding Jared Leto’s Joker’s tattoos in the movie.

When the first official photo of Leto as The Joker in Suicide Squad was released, many fans took to the internet to protest the new look, stating that the tattoos, more so the “damage” tattoo on his forehead was overkill and the real Joker would never do that to himself.

Meanwhile other fans were fine with it, stating they felt the Joker has to evolve with the times and could see him giving himself such a tattoo on his forehead.

Though in Ayer’s latest response to a fan, he went on to agree that he took the “damage” tattoo too far, exactly stating: “It was one step too far”.

Years later after the release of Suicide Squad, Ayers has retraced many of his creative ideas regarding story, character development and design through Twitter, even though the movie was a financial success at the box office for Warner Bros. and still has a strong following, with a sequel underway, with many spin-offs in the works.

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