David F. Sandberg Talks on Working with Kids in Shazam


Shazam director David F. Sandberg in a recent interview with Collider on his latest film Annabelle, Sandberg goes on to talk on what he’s learn from the horror films he’s work on, where he goes on to say that he’s been working with kids in his previous films and that he will be working with kids in Shazam, as the main character Billy Batson is a kid who becomes an adult.

Also for those who are familiar with the Shazam comics, know of the The Marvel Family, which consist of Billy Batson’s sister Mary Batson, Billy’s best friend Freddy Freeman and foster siblings Eugene, Pedro and Darla.

What do you think you learned from working on your first two films in horror that’s maybe made you the right guy to take on Shazam at this time? 

SANDBERG: Well I mean overall, I’ve been working with kids in both my movies to my success and there will be kids in Shazam and the main character is this kid who becomes an adult. But otherwise I think, I mean my first movie was just a huge learning experience in that, I’d only made no-to-low-budget shorts before back home in Sweden and all of a sudden, I got to go to film fests in America and I got to be the director. There was a lot to learn on that movie. Just how movies are made here. How things work. And then on Annabelle, there was a lot more sort of… I was lot more relaxed and could have a little bit more fun and just try out some different things, like a little bit of a different shooting style and stuff like that that I really enjoyed and I want to try to keep.

Sandberg also goes on to confirm that he’s going straight from releasing Annabelle to going into working on Shazam.

Do you have some time to sort of relax and celebrate your victory with Annabelle or are you pretty much rolling right into production?

SANDBERG: Pretty much going into Shazam right away. I mean my life’s just become so weird because I got to do Lights Out and immediately afterward I got to do Annabelle and now I’m going straight into Shazam, so it’s like I’m on a roll so let’s just keep going until they kick me out of Hollywood.

Source: Collider.com

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