David Harewood Talks Supergirl, Cyborg Superman and Red Tornado


David Harewood who plays Hank Henshaw in Supergirl, whose character is also known as Cyborg Superman, spoke with ComicBook.com about the CBS television series, his character, what the future holds when it comes to Cyborg Superman, his excitement over Red Tornado appearing on Supergirl and much more.

CB: Hank Henshaw is a very complex character in the DC Comics universe. What can we expect going into Supergirl when we meet your version of Hank?

DH: You can expect a lot of surprises. We are a slightly different approach to Hank. He’s got a huge mythology. There’s a lot of surprises. There’s gonna be a big reveal about halfway through the show that kind of explains exactly why Hank is the way he is. He’s pretty hostile to Supergirl and I think comic book fans will be very, very happy when they find out the truth.

Are we ever going to see Hank Henshaw as Cyborg Superman?

I can’t reveal it. Possibly down the line. There’s some great stuff coming up.

Is everyone on set excited to see Red Tornado?

Yeah! It’s great. You’ve got these great characters that are coming through and not all of them are alien. Some of them are man made. Some of them are people who use technology to become villains. That’s what great about the show. Hank is very… He can’t refuse the DEO’s orders. I think Hank hasn’t caught on that Supergirl is helping him. Just because they’re extraterrestrial doesn’t mean that they’re dangerous.

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