David Ramsey Addresses Criticism Over Diggle’s Helmet


David Ramsey who plays John Diggle on Arrow, spoke exclusively with TV Guide on the criticism towards the look of his helmet for his superhero costume which he’ll be dawning in the fourth season of Arrow, due to premiere on October 7th on The CW.

This criticism began when The CW released the first official photo of David Ramsey, as his character of Diggle in costume. The internet went savage over the overall look of the costume, but mainly that of the helmet looking like the X-men character Magneto.

Ramsey had this to say on the look of the helmet:

“I like it,” Ramsey told the magazine. “I know there’s a lot of criticism that it looks like the Magneto helmet. But by the time you see Diggle in action – we also get into what the helmet can do – you won’t be thinking of the X-Men at all. There is a very cool gun too. The gun and the helmet, by the way, are S.T.A.R. Labs creations.”

Source: GreenArrowTv.com

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