David Ramsey Talks Season 4 of Arrow


David Ramsey who plays John Diggle on Arrow, talks to Access Hollywood on his character of Diggle, his new suit for the new season, his now relationship with Oliver since his leaving, new bad guy Damien Darhk and much more.

AccessHollywood.com: Speaking of the crossovers, and I’m going to get into the premiere stuff [in a minute], but I’ve gotta ask you — are you having a lot of Diggle reactions? Do you get to do a lot of that? That’s one of our favorite things about the crossovers is him seeing metahumans.

David Ramsey:
(Laughs) There’s a little bit of that that we just shot. I think it’s pretty funny, because he never seems to get used to what Flash can do, so even though we’re not beating that [dead] horse again… we do touch on some of that stuff in terms of when he comes in contact with that particular metahuman again. The things with ‘Legends [of Tomorrow]’ we haven’t touched on yet, so I’m very curious about Diggle’s reaction to the Hawk family – Hawkman, Hawkgirl. I’m very curious about that… I mean, that’s great stuff (laughs). One of the things I like about Diggle is Diggle says and does kind of the stuff that regular people would do or say, right? He’s one of the more regular members of the team, so I relish those reactions.

Access: Tell me how Diggle feels about Oliver having left town when the season begins.

Well… I don’t know if he’s mad at Oliver. He’s at a place where he understands that Oliver is a person that doesn’t work well with a team and [Diggle] is a military guy, right? Special forces, Army Ranger, he’s all about [the unit], he’s all logistics and sharing with the squad and you’re only as good as your weakest link. This is Diggle’s background. This is who he is, so Oliver learned just the opposite on the island. He learned to trust his instincts and do everything by himself and not to trust people, not to trust a team, so this has been very difficult for these two men to kind of come together and meet for the past three years. They both have needed each other a great deal, however. So, I think at the beginning of the season, you’re going to see that Diggle has a certain mind about Oliver. It’s not anger, but it is, at this point, an almost indifference.

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