DC World Mystery Box Launching November 14th


Mystery Boxes have became all the rage lately, but there has yet to be one devoted to DC Comics, until now!

We’re happy to announce that DC World has launched a DC World Mystery Box, that will be full of DC Comics related items such as hats, action figures, keychains, toys, soft toys, comics, socks, badges, DVDs and much more.

The box will officially launch tomorrow, November 14th.


The price for the box is £14.99 ($16.09 USD) with a shipping price for those of us in the States of £10.99 ($11.79 USD), making it a total of $27.88, as the Mystery Box will be arriving from London, England. Though the ebay page does state that new low shipping prices will be posted on November 14th.

To order a box, head  over to: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281846356659

Be sure to follow the official Twitter account: @_DCWorld

Here’s an unboxing video of the DC World Mystery Box:

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