Description of Wonder Woman Footage Shown to Exhibitors and the Press


A three-minute Wonder Woman featurette, with interviews with director Patty JenkinsZack and producers Deborah Snyder and Charles Rover, along with new footage from the film shown at an event in Italy for exhibitors and the press. 

The Italian  entertainment site Screen Week shared the details of what was shown, confirming never before footage from the film, that hopefully will appear soon for fans to see:

“As in the first brief official featurette of last January, the video shows images of Wonder Woman on horseback in the woods, along with American soldiers and Steve Trevor.

But we continue with the story of the first part of the story: the landing of the aircraft failed to Steve mysterious island of Themyscira (Paradise Island), home to the Amazons. We see it primarily in a concept, and is a sort of green island, a paradise in the middle of the ocean. Diana helps him and saves him, and you will get to know this amazing people.

The mission of the Amazon has always been to protect humanity, but with time it has lost all this. Diana will follow Steve into our world (we are in the early part of the last century, during the First World War) and discover its mission: protect the world and men by themselves.

While Zack and Deborah Snyder producer, Charles Rover, and an enthusiastic Patty Jenkins, speaking of the character and the film, are shown backstage scenes on the set of the film (shot for much of the UK) but also quick shots of the film.

The setting is grim, we find ourselves during the Great War, however, alternating scenes of battle, with a wild Amazon while repairing and deflect shots of gunfire with her bracelets, and horse scenes, at the moment where we see Gal Gadot in “civvies.” The actress of Israeli origin is literally magnetic, whether you wear the costume from Amazon that in a beautiful evening dress while we see an elegant event.

No filming sequences were shown to Matera and the southern beaches of our country, where for a few weeks, the production shot last open as well as the other Amazons.

The cinecomic will be very different compared to what we saw earlier, and saw the appreciation of Gal Gadot in Batman v Superman (he was one of the most popular elements of the film), and the quality of a director like Patty Jenkins, we expect great things from Warner Bros. blockbuster weblog “


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