Diane Ruggiero-Wright Talks Season 2 of iZombie


Diane Ruggiero-Wright who’s the co-showrunner and executive producer of iZombie, spoke exclusively with IGN on what’s in store in the second season of The CW television series, when it comes to Blaine new role, Major finding out about Liv being a zombie and much more.

IGN: You guys had a huge finale that really shook things up. Going into this season, how much is Liv’s world still rocking from everything that happened?

Diane Ruggiero-Wright: It’s pretty rocking. The first season is about her keeping this secret from everyone to preserve some semblance of her life and the fears that she had of what would happen if people knew. The second season is those worst fears being realized. It’s “I’m so afraid that if I told them, they’d reject me.” And what happened? They left her. Peyton left, Major freaked out and so a lot of the beginning of the season is her dealing with the fall out and trying to get her life back on track with her family and those closest to her. We pick up three months later and we see how it’s affected her on that journey and getting her back together.

IGN: Major went through such a transformation, in multiple ways. Three months later, where is he at?

Ruggiero-Wright: He’s not over it when we come back. It’s funny because I vacillate between being really annoyed with Major, because it’s not her fault, and have some understanding and then completely seeing it from his perspective and thinking Jesus, his life was – the whole time she kept it from him and him thinking, “Oh my god, this person that I was madly in love with and was supposed to be my wife, just out of nowhere blew me off and was off the map and then kids start dying and I think I’m going crazy and the whole time my life was in danger and she knew.” I get why it’s going to take him a long time to forgive her. But then you see it from her perspective and you understand why she made those decisions and that’s not something that can be resolved with a phone call or a coffee date. There’s definitely going to be some fall out or reactions from that because I’d be kind of a dick if someone did that to me. But there are going to be some ups and downs with it but I’m hopeful that there is a future for them because I like them so much together.

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