DJ Cotrona Recalls George Miller’s Justice League: Mortal


DJ Cotrona who cast to play Clark Kent/Superman in George Miller’s Justice League: Mortal back in 2007, while promoting the second season of his television series From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series with Slashfilm, spoke on the project that could had been with Justice League: Mortal and what he learned from it as an actor.

“It was a giant tentpole superhero movie before that really became the norm,” Cotrona said. “I think at the time, it had been a while since George had a movie out and the fan base for those types of properties hadn’t really seen the types of films George makes recently, so there was a lot of questions. Ultimately it was a two year process. There was a strike and there were some financing issues. It ultimately fell apart. It was a bummer that it fell apart but I made great friends on that project,” Cotrona said.

“I’m still very close with the entire cast. I learned a lot about acting, honestly, things I still use to this day. Any time you get to spend time with an amazing director like Robert Rodriguez or George Miller, you just become a sponge. You soak up everything you can possibly learn and just apply it to the next job you do.”


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