Ed Harris Debunks Suicide Squad Rumor


Ed Harris was rumored to be attached to Suicide Squad as Rick Flag Sr., which he spoke about in a earlier interview stating he didn’t know anything about it.

Now in another interview with Hey U Guys, while promoting his latest film Run All Night, Harris was asked again by Damen Norton of Hey U Guys as a way to clear the air about the rumor, which Harris once again stated not knowing anything about the rumor.

Ed Harris: I haven’t heard about that yet.
Interviewer: No, no?
Ed Harris: Yeah, no.
Interviewer: So we can go ahead and debunk that?
Ed Harris: Yeah. Yeah, it’s news to me.
Interviewer: That would be cool if you did though.
Ed Harris: Yeah, sounds fun. I don’t know.

We’re not sure if this interview was done before or after the previous one, as in this one Harris states it was his first time hearing of the rumor.


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