Eddie Jemison New Villain on iZombie


According to Entertainment Weekly Eddie Jemison (Ocean’s Eleven) has been cast as the new villain Mr. Boss, a crime lord in season 2 of iZombie. Jemison will first appearing in an episode in slated for mid-November.

iZombie  executive producer Rob Thomas had this to say on the character of Mr.Boss:

“We’re really playing him as the man who runs Seattle,” says Thomas, noting that Mr. Boss is very unique from the other main villains in season 2. “It’s a very different flavor from Blaine and Vaughn Du Clark. With David Anders and Steven Weber, we’ve got such big scenery-chewing, delightfully big bad guys. With Mr. Boss, we wanted to play the mild-mannered, broodily efficient kind of guy.”

Thomas continues, “The idea with the Mr. Boss character is essentially that he was the accountant for the mob, and, through his own shrewdness and willingness to go more violent than anyone else would, has landed as the man in Seattle. You would think with that name, it would be a loud, showy character, but he plays an affable, and yet incredibly dangerous villain.”

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