Fan Casting for Darkseid, Desaad, Granny Goodness and Glorious Godfrey


This is something I’ve been wanting to do and I finally had the chance to write it. These are my fan casting for Darkseid and his followers of Apokolips. Now mind you, the actors I’ve chosen are who I always saw being the ones to portray them. Not just their looks but also by their talents, trademarks and skills. Maybe you might question a couple, or might even praise some, but we will find out. Here they are:


Glorious Godfrey


Persuasion is his game, Godfrey was tasked by Darkseid to manipulate the public, causing them to resent heroes and start a campaign of hatred and towards them, the public would lose faith in the heroes, turning their backs on the very heroes sworn to protect them. And the actor I chose for him is none other than Johnny Depp.

JohnnyDeppYes, I chose Depp for the fact that he always had spellbinding speeches and mannerisms. This is something I always saw for Godfrey, who uses his speeches to mislead the public. He could come off very convincing as a persuasive Godfrey. One of his roles I remembered that played a character who also persuaded people was in the film Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.


Here’s his trademarks, as read on

Deep, whispering voice, frequently plays freakishly outcasts whose oddities are misunderstood by society, and usually have a flamboyant appearance and mannerisms, and known for wearing outlandish clothing and numerous tattoos.


Granny Goodness


Loyal follower of Darkseid and well-known leader of her Female Furies, Granny Goodness is truly demented and wicked. She takes great delight in what she does, making her one of Darkseid’s deadliest Lieutenants. This just makes it more exciting for the actress I picked out for her.


It’s definitely no huge surprise that I would go with Kathy Bates. How could I not after seeing her in Misery. She really delivered in that movie. Even had me spooked. She went completely into extreme psychotic mode throughout the film. It isn’t forgettable and she can do a lot more chaos as Granny Goodness.


Here’s her trademarks, as read on

Often portrays kind-hearted or cold-hearted characters, and her characters are frequently tough-talking or outspoken.




Master torturer, Desaad is one of Darkseid’s loyal followers. He is deceptive, a coward and a complete sadist. One of his qualities is that he is extremely scared of Darkseid and tries to stay on his good side. Yet, he will betray should someone else make a stand. Overall, he is menacing and evil. And here is who I can see playing him on screen.


Yes John Connor himself, but hear me out. Just looking at him, you can see a menacing facial structure and creepy look. Similar to Desaad. And he has played a kind of similar role in the film The Visitation, in which he played a man who claimed to be Jesus come back but actually was working for the devil to bring him souls. Right there, I could see something similar with playing Desaad and serving Darkseid.


Now here are his trademarks displayed on

Dark menacing glaring eyes, usually plays characters that are troubled.





Evil ruler of the planet Apokolips, Darkseid is simply one of the most powerful and dangerous threats ever faced in DC Comics. He wants to conquer everything. As with such, he’s one of the DC characters that we truly want to see on the big screen, and done right. Especially for this new shared universe. That said, I shall reveal my cast for the dark lord of Apokolips, but first of course let me display the actor’s trademark that he is known for from

Deep, dramatic voice, rich yet flawless voice, often plays sinister villains or anti-heroes, roles in science fiction and fantasy films, calm reserved delivery of his lines, and high eyebrows, often arched to dramatic effect.

And here he is…












Yes, Hugo Weaving. Many people might question this choice, but I stick by this casting. When I look at his villainous roles, I remember how memorable they were, and iconic. One in particular was his portrayal of Agent Smith in the Matrix Trilogy. He can be brutal, merciless, and a force to be reckon with. Overall, I see Weaving being an awesome choice for Darkseid.


What are your thoughts? Do you any actors in mind for these roles?

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  • DC Man

    Hugo Weaving- nice. Katy Bates- 100% agreed. Desaad- I have no idea. Glorious Godfrey – maybe King Joffrey(Jack Gleeson) ;D

    • naggibator

      My choice Andre Braugher, he perfect voice Batman and Superman Apocalipsis.
      Or next choice canon voice Michael Ironside 😀

  • Kathy Bates is 100%! Also she and Gal Gadot look great together, in other words… when they fight it’ll look they’ll look great together! :p

  • Eric Perry

    Everybody you listed…I love…except Hugo weaving. Really? He would be better served as someone else. Darkseid first and foremost is impossing. Not like batman impossing but even more impossing than the hulk! Think marvels thanos. The person born to play darkseid has passed unfortunately, Michael Clarke duncan. Now I would look at someone like Ving rhymes or somebody atleast over six feet and some size. And a deeper voice. Imagine darkseid sounding like hugo….no.
    But everybody else…yes.

    • Justin Ballantine

      He doesn’t need to be big. Darkseid will be heavily CGI’ed as long as Zack Snyder is in charge

  • Sm77

    I picked Katjy Bates for Granny Goodness as well. I had the feeling you were going to go with Hugo Weaving for Darkseid. I would rather see Michael Ironside reprise the role using his great voice and facial mapping for a CGI version of the character. I still see Hugo as Red Skull. I woul like Gina Carano as Big Barda.