First Look at the Batman v Superman “Heroes Justice: Sky High Battle” Lego Set


A photo of the largest of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice LEGO sets called “Heroes Justice: Sky High Battle” has leaked online. The photo is simply of the box itself, with a dramatic action scene that could possibly be in the film or it could just be made up for promotional use for the LEGO set.

The scene on the box features Batman in his Batwing, Lex Luthor in a LexCorp Kryptonite covered helicopter, with kryptonite rockets also attached to it, with Lois Lane hanging from the copter, with what looks like a camera in hand, with Superman and Wonder Woman both flying towards it.

Want to note that Wonder Woman could also be leaping into the sky, it’s hard to tell, as Gal Gadot did mention in an interview that Wonder Woman has the ability to jump high and kind of avoided confirming if Wonder Woman would fly in the film, even though in the comics Wonder Woman is capable of flying.

At the bottom left of the box, the mini-figures that come with the set can are in displayed, with a bald looking Lex Luthor.

This set is to release in January, with the retail price of $69.99.

BVS_LEGO_BoxsetSource: DC Cinematic Universe Group

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