First On Set Photos From Wonder Woman


First photos from the set of Wonder Woman have been released online by an actor in the film, who goes by the name of Saïd Taghmaoui, who known for films such as American Hustle and the French film La Haine.

He posted two photos, one of himself with Chris Pine, in what looks like early 1900’s attire. The another photo is of his actor chair next to Chris Pine and Gal Gadot’s.

It’s not confirmed if production has officially began, but it looks like it. We’ll be sure to updated as more information comes in.

Wonder_Woman_Set02 Wonder_Woman_Set01


Wonder Woman Has Officially Begun Production
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  • Eric Curto

    Holy crap he looks like Steve Trevor 🙂 also the outfit he is wearing reminds me of the Blackhawks

    • Mike Fubar

      Idk about blackhawk but definitely WW1 reminiscent.

      • OMG, if the Blackhawks are in the movie, that would be amazing.

    • I doubt that would be the case.

  • Mike Fubar

    Something tells me if Steve Trevors life span is ww1 era he’s going to die in this film

    • I doubt Trevor will be from that era. I’m thinking he will be contemporary.

    • HAHA, yeah… doubt he’ll live past the 80’s.

  • i hate when vids dont work

    we already knew PINE was in WW before this photo… it was official before these photos.

    • Thanks, I report a lot news to the point of forgetting what’s reported sometimes. I completely forgot with the excitement that I already reported that Chris Pine confirmed it in an interview with Premiere… Was thinking to prior to that, where there was no official confirmation by WB or the statement by Chris Pine and only the reported by a few trade sites, which isn’t official confirmation like the studio and of course the actor. Anyway, fixed it!

  • IronBatMaidenMan


  • schmetterlingsjager

    Typical that the first shots of the WW movie would feature a MAN.

  • hellebore

    Keep him and get rid of her. she is NOT wonder woman!

  • My hype is starting to rise. Hopefully it continues to do so.