Fox Orders Pilot For Global Frequency


Round two for Global Frequency as a tv series. As some remember back in 2005 The WB network, which is now known as CW, green-lit a Global Frequency pilot to be put into production, problem was the pilot failed to charm during it test run, leading it to never get picked up

Fast forward now to almost 10 years later and FOX is now in the process of giving the series a second chance, as it’s been announced yesterday by Deadline that top Warner Bros. television producer Jerry Bruckheimer, is taking on the property to put it into pilot production for FOX.

Here’s to hoping it get picked up this time around. As  for the time being, you can watch the 2005 Global Frequency pilot episode below:

Global Frequency [2005][Unaired Pilot] by UnknownArchiveTV

Source: Deadline

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